Preparing your case

How we will accomplish the task

From the very first day, we will demand all of the Discovery the State has in their possession or to which they have access. Once our office receives the Discovery packet, you will be provided a copy for your records and review. We do this to reduce your anxiety and stress that being arrested has produced for you.

If the case is a felony, we will take depositions to lock the State witnesses into a story they can not change later at trial or a hearing to dismiss or suppress. We conduct the research, visit the scene of the accusations, review the evidence, and interview all of the witnesses that may be important to your case.  We do all of this and more to protect you against them.

We are able to do this because we have the time, motivation, and the resources to work your case in preparation for dismissal, suppression or if needed, for trial.

My focus is on alleged crimes of any type of sexual nature, drug cases of all levels, and cases of violence from simply battery to murder. This includes associated domestic violence injunctions and forfeiture of assets cases as it relates to the criminal case.  I practice my talents and law in both all State courts in Florida, but also in Federal in the Northern District of Florida.  I may also petition the court to practice outside of the Northern District if the need arises.