Attorney Profile

Jack Wilkins, Attorney

My experience started with three (3) years in the U.S. Army Military Police. This was followed by fifteen (15) years in the U. S. Army Special Forces. After my military service I went to law school in Michigan and came back to Pensacola to practice criminal defense law in my hometown.

After a short time with the local Public Defender’s Office I went to work with, and later became a partner with, R. Glenn Arnold. Since that time in 1999, I have handled countless cases to the benefit of my clients.

Also, I am a Life Member of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers which allows me access to nearly 5000 of the brightest legal minds to consult with on your case.  I make great efforts to continue my legal education by staying current and up to date with the laws the State uses to prosecute my clients.  I am, and I remain, your Defender of your Rights and Freedom.